JUST TOO BLOOMING GREEDY                                                                       By David Stevens.      The idea behind purchasing the island had seemed so logical when he had been standing alone on it’s beach, but now standing in his home, looking out at his neatly trimmed lawn through a glass window, surrounded by the normalcy of his […]

DANGEROUS DRIVING By David Stevens    It all happened so fast, one second I was driving along the road fully in control of my car, then my phone rang. I reached out and that was it, the point of no return. I lost control of the car as it skidded on something, (not that that […]

My Review of :- Shifting in the Realms by Theresa Snyder. I was fortunate enough to receive a pre publish copy of this story to read, but where reviews are concerned I take their content very seriously and will always say exactly what I honestly believe describes the book in question. Even if the author […]

                                                                                       EXCRE-MENTAL                                                                                       By David Stevens    Today of all days I got up late, now I would have to rush if I was to attend the lecture with any hope of understanding it.    I should explain first that this is an extract from my journal, about which I will explain later. At […]

                                                               The Long Wait                                                                           by                                                                  David Stevens.   A strange sci/Fi tale for your entertainment.   THE LONG WAIT     Four years of college to obtain my degree in Spatial Developments; two years in basic geo-space training school, learning supposedly everything known to man about space travel and getting physically fit of […]

                                                  The Crystal Cavern.                                                    By david stevens       The first time we met, I literally fell into his arms. It wasn’t intentional or even planned, though it might have been if things had been different. I was doing three things at once and the end result was we bumped into each other. […]

     David Stevens.     A fantasy fiction tale that’s fun for all ages, but one with a difference.                                                                         JELLY BABY SATURDAY                                                                                By David Stevens            Saturday morning started like every Saturday morning for me and my siblings, we awoke and instantly started making a noise which eventually woke our sleeping parents. […]