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Now Is The Time. By David Stevens

NOW IS THE TIME.  By David Stevens                                                                NOW IS THE TIME. Now is the time, I can feel it pulling me towards the edge, I move forward looking down, it is a long drop with only the final barrier between me and it. A tiny voice calls in my head, adding to the draw […]


                                                                  THE WRONG THING TO SAY! By David Stevens.       I was caught, busted, and I and everyone present knew it! The lie had been almost automatic, had I thought about it I would never have said the simple sentence, but I had, and now the wrath of Mrs Smedley was going to collapse down on […]


Welcome to a free story by David Stevens.                                                                                              AMBITION PERSONIFIED By David Stevens   The title says it all but the intent is far deeper in it desire to explain the lust for power that some feel is due to them. Donald the hero of sorts is just one of those who desires […]

Beached by david stevens

Beached By David Stevens.     A young children’s story of beach life, to be enjoyed by all ages adult and child alike. It is about a depressed young whale bent on escaping the prison home (sea) in which he lives, and the chaos his escape causes for the beach creatures he encounters.  This is a […]

News 2014

Dear friends and followers. Thank you for taking the trouble to read this. Firstly most of you know that it has been my intention to give away a number of my books for free on smashwords. I stated that I would do so for as long as it was financially possible. Sadly I have to […]


Hi readers, The Clown, a simple story of perfection. Or is it? Happy reading David Stevens                                                                                  THE CLOWN                                                                                By David Stevens      The Clown stood at the base of a huge Ferris wheel, looking up into its dew covered metal framework. He had just left the ring with his performance complete. His responsibilities to […]


Citadels:    A tale of a society facing its extinction and how it might arrive and perhaps be survived.                                                                                                        Enjoy David Stevens                                                                      CITADELS                                                                            By                                                                     David Stevens       For millennia since the great rising, the city has existed as the centre of commerce, for all of the people. Yet for as […]