Now Is The Time. By David Stevens

NOW IS THE TIME.  By David Stevens

                                                               NOW IS THE TIME.

Now is the time, I can feel it pulling me towards the edge, I move forward looking down, it is a long drop with only the final barrier between me and it. A tiny voice calls in my head, adding to the draw I can feel from the long drop. The ground is so far away, below me looks inviting, the pull of the drop tugs at my thoughts as the voice again calls to me.

“Now is the time,” I can hear it chiding. “Now is the time, trust me!”

My childhood has so far been perfect, my parents nice, attentive, and my food always arrives on time. I have never felt hungry or alone, someone has always been around to attend to me, but not any longer!

“Now is the time.”

I edge further forward just to get a better look. “Now is the time,” I know the voice in my head is right. I look around seeking someone, I am alone!

“Now is the time.” I have to agree, ‘now clearly is the time,’ I can feel the rightness of the time, and I am ready!

Standing up, stretching, reaching out I leap, falling forward, tumbling towards the distant ground.

“The time is now,” says the voice! It is right, I waver, fully outstretched, feeling the wind in my face. Then it happens the time has arrived, I am no longer the helpless dependent child; I am free!

My time is here, the voice is right, and the feeling of exhilaration completes my certainty. I thrash against the air; I am feeling for the first time the freedom of a sort of flight. I am now a bird soaring into the sky, no longer a captive of the ground, free to do or go where or when I want. I have broken away with one single simple leap, and from now on my life will begin again. Slowly the ground approaches, I can see a man standing far below me, bound by gravity, held in his place watching me as I fall closer.

“No,” the voice screams! “No,” it repeats; I comply; even in my freedom I have to comply!

John Wills looked up, amazed to see the body plummeting towards him. His binoculars hanging around his neck were superfluous as he could see the target quite clearly. It was the first time for him that something like this had ever happened, as he watched, the young Eagle stretched out its wings, flap once and drive up into the sky! Vanishing before John could fumble his binoculars up to his eyes to watch the fledgling on its maiden voyage soar upward out of his sight.

His friends in the bird watching society would never believe that he had been present at the first fledging of a baby Eagle. That he John Wills had watched as it had chosen to depart from its safe nest and head out into the real world. An adventure launched for the very first and only time in its life. For never again would the raptor have to wonder if the time was right for flight.

The End.


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