News 2014

Dear friends and followers. Thank you for taking the trouble to read this.

Firstly most of you know that it has been my intention to give away a number of my books for free on smashwords. I stated that I would do so for as long as it was financially possible. Sadly I have to report that due to our uk governments attacks on the severely disabled I have taken the decision to go self employed as a writer, thus I find that I am no longer able to maintain the free giveaways as I had hoped to be able to, though the books will be coming out as promised.

The Lifestone Chronicles Foundation of a Kings Legend, which nearly 500 of you downloaded for free is now out on smashwords as a charged book at $4.95 why not read the review.

A trainspotters Guide To Other Earths, is also out now at $4.95. on smashwords reviews on Amazon and at 1000 Worlds, which also carries the opening 1000 words of this book for your interest and an interview I recently gave.

For those that don’t know of trainspotters this is a vary strange sci fi adventure of world shattering proportions, with the perfect anti hero leading the way despite his best attempts not to. And not forgetting the delectable Alien She.

Very shortly Vampiric Retirement, book 1 of the 330,000 word trilogy will be launched for your reading pleasure see the reviews on Amazon etc, and so the list moves on as swiftly as is possible. The aim is to have ten books at least out by this Christmas (2014) giving you the readers a wide choice of subject and style in my published list. So there should be something for everyone.

The free short stories presented on twitter will of course continue and hopefully as time allows be increased

For those of you that like to have and hold a real book it is my intention to provide a number of privately pressed and signed copies of each of the books at a reasonable affordable price. Watch twitter for details and links to such.

Anyway dear followers, that is the situation, I would like to say thank you to you all for the amazing support you have shown me and that I hope you will continue to show. Your friendship, rt’s, comments, downloading, reading and reviews etc have been amazing and I love to talk to you all whenever I can, so here’s to moving forward together.

Raises a mug of coffee in salute to you all.

Have a great day be safe and have fun all and thank you. David Stevens.


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