Dangerous Driving


By David Stevens

   It all happened so fast, one second I was driving along the road fully in control of my car, then my phone rang. I reached out and that was it, the point of no return. I lost control of the car as it skidded on something, (not that that matters now). The police arrived followed closely by an ambulance, but there was nothing they could do for the couple. The next thing I know was being charged and hauled before a Judge; the charge being causing death by dangerous driving! My lawyer advised I plead guilty as there was no other viable option; I did and threw myself on the Court’s mercy.

   Judgement, when it arrived, fell on my head from on high, the Court accepted my pleading guilty and the sentence passed was five years imprisonment. I nearly fainted, my legs quivered and I felt sick to my guts. Then the Judge offered me a chance for a reprieve. He offered me a second chance, but one with strings attached. If I took this second chance, if I appeared infront of this Court again on this charge, I would be sentenced to life imprisonment. I accepted the second chance offer and my world went instantly blank, the memory of what had happened vanished.

  I was driving along the road listening to the radio, hearing the reporter droning on about the latest laws regarding mobile phones and drivers. That was when my phone rang; I was about to reach out to answer it, but instead decided to ignore it, thinking about what the reporter had just said.  

   The back end of the car skidded out, starting to rotate around the front, I twisted the wheel correcting the slide and missing an elderly couple by inches as I mounted the kerb, who were standing holding hands on the pavement, thankfully! I got my car back under my control and realised just how lucky we had all been.

                                                                                  The End.

     Short stories have a strange way of always knowing how long they want to be! This one wanted to be a real short story and I better say very little more about it, because if I do and there is a lot I could say, then this commentary will probably be longer than the actual story. Besides you want to read my short stories, not my ramblings about such annoyances as mobile phones and driving…


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