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Hi readers, The Clown, a simple story of perfection. Or is it? Happy reading David Stevens                                                                                  THE CLOWN                                                                                By David Stevens      The Clown stood at the base of a huge Ferris wheel, looking up into its dew covered metal framework. He had just left the ring with his performance complete. His responsibilities to […]


Citadels:    A tale of a society facing its extinction and how it might arrive and perhaps be survived.                                                                                                        Enjoy David Stevens                                                                      CITADELS                                                                            By                                                                     David Stevens       For millennia since the great rising, the city has existed as the centre of commerce, for all of the people. Yet for as […]

Just to blooming greedy.

                                                           JUST TOO BLOOMING GREEDY                                                                       By David Stevens.      The idea behind purchasing the island had seemed so logical when he had been standing alone on it’s beach, but now standing in his home, looking out at his neatly trimmed lawn through a glass window, surrounded by the normalcy of his […]

Dangerous Driving

DANGEROUS DRIVING By David Stevens    It all happened so fast, one second I was driving along the road fully in control of my car, then my phone rang. I reached out and that was it, the point of no return. I lost control of the car as it skidded on something, (not that that […]

Review of Shifting in the Realms by Theresa Snyder.

My Review of :- Shifting in the Realms by Theresa Snyder. I was fortunate enough to receive a pre publish copy of this story to read, but where reviews are concerned I take their content very seriously and will always say exactly what I honestly believe describes the book in question. Even if the author […]