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EXCRED-MENTAL By David Stevens

                                                                                       EXCRE-MENTAL                                                                                       By David Stevens    Today of all days I got up late, now I would have to rush if I was to attend the lecture with any hope of understanding it.    I should explain first that this is an extract from my journal, about which I will explain later. At […]

The Long Wait

                                                               The Long Wait                                                                           by                                                                  David Stevens.   A strange sci/Fi tale for your entertainment.   THE LONG WAIT     Four years of college to obtain my degree in Spatial Developments; two years in basic geo-space training school, learning supposedly everything known to man about space travel and getting physically fit of […]

The Crystal Cavern by david stevens

                                                  The Crystal Cavern.                                                    By david stevens       The first time we met, I literally fell into his arms. It wasn’t intentional or even planned, though it might have been if things had been different. I was doing three things at once and the end result was we bumped into each other. […]