thoughts from the pen. Tormented

Thoughts from the Pen.


I always know when it is going to be one of those days; it always starts with a mild argument which on the odd occasion I actually win! The argument is with my computer and its auto typer, that mystical box of tricks that somehow connects with all the others out there and swaps information, stories and conversation. Mine have a mind of their own and often decided that they want to do this, whilst I really want them to do that, and when they get together and decide to make my life complex they do it with a style all of their own.
Negotiation seldom works I have found, nor though does brute force, so a delicate application of the ‘Clarkson tool’ is called for, that’s a hammer to you and me. Though sadly all that resulted when I finally succumbed to the desire was a big crack down the center of the screen, and a bill to get it fixed yet again. Along with a rather pitiful shaking of the head from one of those young tech type of persons who fix such broken machines, he even managed to throw in a tut tut as well. I think he was communicating but I am not certain, so being rather in the Neanderthal frame of mind at the time I ignored him completely and drank coffee whilst flicking through a strange comunication invention, a device where by the printed word appears on a large set of papers. These have been neatly folded together and impart news apparently, though there are some that would disagree that its real news, not some strange bastardised form of news. These items get posted through a letter box (a hatch in your front door) and land on the floor usually in a mess for you, the soon to be interested or disgusted reader to pick up. I know them as Newspapers, you teckie’s might call them non interactive delayed or recycled information bits. Eventually he, the techie, (who had stopped tutting) managed to fix the obnoxious machine and depart to annoy some other client with little patience.

Anyway:- You will find me on Twitter (when the damned machine decides to work) at DS_books if you are insane enough to want to read more, but probably you already know this as it is through the twitter that you have come to read this.

WORLD NEWS: Exclusive… Its large, round, mostly blue with green in places and rotates in a dance with a glowing ball of light. The world is filled with a wild assortment of life in all of its forms. Over all it is not to bad a place to call home.
For more information see the media, goggle earth, Sir David Attenborough, and of course an atlas.

A few thoughts on the internet:

I most assuredly can not be described as being a hacker, unless it is with an axe in frustration with my computer. I am informed quite firmly that the said axe is not the tool required to make my internet connection function as I think it should. They, the mysterious and unnamed techies thoughtfully steered me towards a book called, if I remember right, ‘computers for dummies.’
Now I am certain that it was and would be, and in most cases can be of great help to confused users. To me it was a jumble of words that I could not read or make sense of, as it seemed to speak in a language I could not understand. Even when in desperation I had a willing troll read out huge sections, the ability to make sense of the spoken word was absent. Now don’t get me wrong I know how to make the words appear on the screen. I even know how (now) to get them to disappear into the either as well. Still I am always left with a feeling that lingers, a question unanswered, mostly it is. ‘did I send that and did it go?’ Let alone will someone actually receive it?
Still, (thanks to computers) I have discovered what the young of this world are for, especially daughters, who seem to me to make the computer stand up and beg. Though it is annoying to have to admit that they (the young up and coming) know far more than I… I still keep on trying to learn in the hope that one day I will be able to come second to last in the techie scheme of things, but they will insist on moving forward, changing the methods and moving the goal posts.
Still as always I have to admit that without their help input etc, I would not have got as far as I have and you can read my books and stories, and this blog and take them as evidence that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Perhaps even a new and different language as well. Though… As for text speak, lets not go there…
May your God (s) go with you.
David Stevens


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