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Jellybaby Saturday.

     David Stevens.     A fantasy fiction tale that’s fun for all ages, but one with a difference.                                                                         JELLY BABY SATURDAY                                                                                By David Stevens            Saturday morning started like every Saturday morning for me and my siblings, we awoke and instantly started making a noise which eventually woke our sleeping parents. […]

a new challenge, to pass some time.

Welcome one & all.     As some of the more attentive of you will know I have been forced into an electric wheelchair, this was not a simple transition I can assure you. I went kicking and screaming but finally had to accept the situation, well as best as can be expected and I don’t […]

A Stalking For Vengeance

                                                           A stalking For Vengeance.                                                                  By David Stevens   Books by David Stevens. Available at amazon and most good outlets in both pb & e book format.   A Sci/Fi, which is Probably ‘The Second Most Weird Sci/Fi You Will Ever Read.’ Title :- A Trainspotters Guide to Other Earths.   Vanmpiric Retirement. […]

No 2. The adventures of Three Fat Faries and a Mini Cooper Car

My name is David Stevens, this is the second free story in series of nice stories for children.                                              The Adventures of Three Fat Fairies and a Mini Cooper car                                                                           By David Stevens       Maria had a point, she had a very good point and so did James the caterpillar, and so […]


                                                                                                                                        Obsession. By David Stevens    An obsession can take many forms, most are harmless some less so but still to the obsessive they are a comfort of sorts or provide pleasure and interesting hours of passing time , somet5imes though…                                                                                      OBSESSION                                                                                    By David Stevens      “We are gathered here.” […]

thoughts from the pen. Tormented

Thoughts from the Pen. Tormented I always know when it is going to be one of those days; it always starts with a mild argument which on the odd occasion I actually win! The argument is with my computer and its auto typer, that mystical box of tricks that somehow connects with all the others […]