The Black Collar by Off The Wilds : A review

The Black Collar by Off The Wilds: A Review.


There are eighteen chapters of the Black Collar available for free and frankly if you like dragon stories and have not read this one then you are missing out on a great treat.


The collar is a device fitted to a young dragon to control him and so use him to protect a society on the edge of potential destruction. Simple you might think but not by a long way.


The dragon Alvinox is a brilliantly detailed and fully fleshed out creation who very quickly draws the reader into his world. The handlers assigned to care for him have a life of there own and as such make the story by adding depth and driving the tale forward.


This tale is filed with poignancy and life and love and everything you could ever wish to find in a dragon tale, including anger frustration and deep longing.


All in all this is the best ‘for adult’s’ dragon story I have ever read and I have read a few.


I would highly recommend you read this you only need to put in black collar by off the wilds on twitter to locate the tale, and I can almost guarantee you will not feel anything but a deep desire to keep on reading.


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