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The Adventures Of, Three Fat Fairys & A mini Cooper car

My name is David Stevens, this is the first in a free series of nice fairy stories for young children.                                                                                The Adventures of.                                                        Three Fat Fairies & Their Mini Cooper.                                                                 The adventures beginning                                                                                                        By David Stevens.        The problem sometimes with being a fairy is that the […]

Why Me Why? A short dark story.

Hi.    This is a twisting little tale of woe and beyond, sometimes the reasons people do what they do are not clear, sometimes they are if you look hard enough. There is an age old question that asks, Why Me?    The answer could be Why Not, or as in this case… well I […]

THE FUTURE OF LOVE. (sci fi, romance, life death; the future)

THE FUTURE OF LOVE.  By David Stevens.     ‘Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents’. The book slammed down onto the bed clothes with a decisive slap, closely followed by a heart-felt sigh.    Three months ago she ‘had it all’ or so her friends told her, a handsome gallant husband, a large house, servants, […]

Once Upon A Time.

ONCE UPON A TIME:  By David Stevens.   I think that every short story compilation should have at least one story that begins ‘once upon a time,’ whether it is happy or sad does not really matter; it is just that it needs to exist. This is my one classically beginning story, and I think […]

A Nightmare into Reality

  Welcome, and you always are.      Please consider that all of my free stories, unlike my publications do not benefit from the input of professional editors and so I do my best but never claim these are perfect. Enjoy. David Stevens.   NIGHTMARE INTO REALITY      Brilliant summer sunlight faded, as thick dark […]

The Black Collar by Off The Wilds : A review

The Black Collar by Off The Wilds: A Review.   There are eighteen chapters of the Black Collar available for free and frankly if you like dragon stories and have not read this one then you are missing out on a great treat.   The collar is a device fitted to a young dragon to […]