A book Review of James& The Dragon By Teresa Snyder

A Book Review 

   I have just finished reading James & the dragon Volume 1 of the Farloft Chronicles, by Teresa Snyder and frankly I can say that it is the best children’s dragon story series I have ever read. The characters swiftly become live to the imagination the story pulls you along with gusto. Had my daughter been still small I would have been so pleased to be able to introduce her to this lovely and perfect for bed time reading tale. I can highly recommend this series to anyone with younger children probably up to about ten years old and also to adults who just love dragons as well.

A little more detail. (but not to much)…

   Farloft is an aged dragon with a life time of tails to regail the reader and the young boy James with. There is of course magic and a magician who it seems to me it is acceptable to boo and hiss at when he appears. The land over which these stories range is a perfect balance of people, villages, castles and seas and some less familiar places, Yet no matter where the story wanders it feels very real and alive. The writer Miss Teresa Snyder, has created the perfect balance to deliver the perfect fantasy worlds to any reader of any age. This is a tale because of the natural breaks put in as the stories change, makes for perfect bed time reading with very young children, who I am certain will swiftly fall in love with Farloft and the boy James.

 A Final Thought:-

 It would make an idea Christmas present at a very affordable price for any young child or even a perfect stocking filler for anyone who loves dragons and fantasy Fiction.

 All in all a thoroughly enjoyable read by a talented writer.



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