To Turn For Loves Sake or A Dragons tail of love gained part 2 included.

To Turn For Loves Sake

                                   A dragons tail of love gained

By David Stevens


   When I was young I flew up into the mountains to visit with the witch of the ancient tree, she who could foretell all and knew all and I hoped could and would help me. Let me explain. The world I live in is a dull place to me; the dragons I share my youth with are equally dull! I find that no matter how hard I try I can not be like them, I am different.

   Who am I you might well ask, let me describe myself and my difference. My wings are green with glistening veins, my neck long and handsome or so I have been told. Even the spines which line my back are tipped with a delightful gold hue. Still despite all these wonderful benefits I just can not bring myself to do what other dragons my age do. I can not date another dragon, the very thought churns my stomach and fills my heart with a deep ache.

     I am alone, lost and desperate for the company of the female type, and there lies my problem. I like women, real honest women, human women; but they only see the dragon in me. Whenever I have approached one they run from me usually screaming and shortly other humans arrive with their spears and blades and drive me off. Why can’t they understand, what must I do, all good questions I have asked myself on countless times.

     I am standing before the tree, her the witches tree, the ancient oak with its split trunk and dark cave, hoping that the witch of dubious ethics can help me with my needs.


   “Well well well , I wondered how long it would be before I had you standing before my home, let me guess dragon you have a problem, a big problem!” She knew, she understood, damn it she had been expecting me!

   “Female humans need to understand that you mean them no harm, I can tell you how to teach them but there is a heavy price to pay.” The witch cackled like an old hag I had once met but beneath her roaring there was a hint of knowledge, a route to the salvation of my problem.

   “Anything, I will do anything if you can help me, tell me, show me I will do all you demand and more, I need an answer. The witch beckoned with her dirty nail overgrown finger and I closed, my head turning slightly so my brimstone breath did not encompass her. I listened, I gulped, I twitched my tail but she said what she meant and explained that there was no other choice; I needed to engage with the female of my choice and convince her that I meant no harm to her. That day beneath the branches the witch showed or rather told me exactly what I must do.


    From the top of a mountain I looked down into a valley not for the first time. At the far head of that valley is a house, not a great house more of a shack, but still it was the place that she, the woman I truly loved but had never dared approach lived in. I watched as her father drove a cart pulled by beasts away from the house and out of the valley. I watched as she exited into the sunlight walking, no gliding across the short goat cropped grass to the stream. I looked, I wondered and then taking my life in my hands I floated on silent wings to the ground, there landing behind her. I turned so my back was to her, my neck I craned around looking at her, waiting.

    She turned, she screamed, I lowered my head raising my tail high making myself vulnerable. She screamed again swinging the pail she carried, tilting it upwards driving it forward. I screamed as the pail connected hard, my vulnerability beaten. She dropped the pail and ran; within me something strange happened, my mind cleared, my thoughts raced, the ground got closer to my head. I lifted my chin, straightening up, calling out to her. She heard my voice; she turned half aware and halted. I stood before her desperate for her to understand.

   She closed on me her hand reaching up to touch my face; she trailed her fingers lightly over my chin demarking my fast growing smile. I lifted not clawed paws but hands reaching out to touch her. I was a human male turned by my submission, held by witch magic and allowed to converse with a human female for a slight and first time in my life.

   The pail had triggered the change its swinging contact with my jewels had brought on the change, the witch had told me I had one hour before I would return to myself. One hour to tell my lady love how she could if she chose return me to human form. The pain from her pale had not withered as the love in my heart had bloomed. I would offer my jewels to her and hope that she would treat them as they needed if only for the love of seeing me, if only for an hour at a time.

                                                                                              The End.

By David Stevens

For nearly a year I have floated down into the valley of my lady and there suffered the gross indignity of being converted to human form in the way that the ancient witch of the twisted tree insisted I do. During the time I have grown to know the lady fair of my dreams, she whom I now call Mirhanna, she of the long flowing flame red hair. She with the pretty up turned nose and the waste so slim that I can easily join my human hands around it. For us both a whole year has passed with nothing but pain followed by pleasure and for that I am grateful to the witch. That was until on one day as I crouched over in my dragon form ready to be transmogrified and my lady hesitated.
The pail had been replaced with a flat paddle which worked just as well, but for some reason she held it ready but as I have said she hesitated. I wondered why, had she changed her mind, was I not the human she wanted to spend an hour alone with. She lowered the paddle and walked closer to my face reaching up and gently caressing my scales. Before she asked of me the simple question which would once again change my life.
“Why must I do this harsh thing to you?”
“The witch granted me the power to become human but with such power there has to be a cost, this is mine!” I replied.
“Why do you accept this as being right, why do you come to me every day and pay her evil price?”
I looked at her pretty face a single tear rolled down her rosy cheeks and my heart broke, I replied.
“I love you!”
My tail twitched, my body fluttered and then I was standing before her with my arms wrapped tightly about her waste, her head resting on my shoulder as I comforted her. I had changed, I was human again, we had an hour to share without the need of agony coming between us.
The witch was wrong, her way was not the only way, that was when I first realised that the old crone had a wicked sense of humour and that she had lied to me, that my pain or rather the thought of it gave her great pleasure. I had been conned and so effortlessly! My anger flowed and before I could do anything I had changed back , I left my love in a flurry of flapping wings with fire leading the way as I set out to see the witch for one last time.
“Be careful my love!” I heard fill the air about me as I departed.
The witch’s tree looked much as it had previously but this time she was not aware of my presence, which intrigued me, how had she known I was there to see her the first time but not this time, I settled in a bough above the slash in the oak which formed the entryway into her home.
Darkness arrived coating the land, hiding the beauty, replacing it with a dark coat and still I waited. I had no real idea what I was going to do, but shortly the choice was removed from me as the witch exited directly beneath me from her home. I flipped out my wings as she turned to look up raising her hands defensively, I landed on her squishing her flat pinning her down knocking her wig off, to reveal to my stunned eyes that the witch I had listened to and been manipulated by was indeed not a witch but a warlock. I sharpened my talons I reached down flipping the warlock over in my anger I let my natural dragonish thoughts take control of my actions.
I left the warlock alive but missing certain part of his anatomy, my claws had acted as perfect cutters, one little snip and revenge had been achieved. I had a present for my lady love and a future without agony to spend with her.
We would fly together whenever I was a dragon, there were places I desperately wanted to share with her, places of such beauty that I can not describe them, only show them to her.
We would be together dragon man and woman for ever. Love found its way despite the warped humour of the ancient evil witch/warlock. And revenge that day was mine and a fine set of ear rings were soon my lady loves.

The End & the beginning of a new life shared in peace.


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