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Dr Voltrin the dentist of your dreams.

Dear reader.     I have a passion for twisting little stories, this is one simple example of such.   You will discover that I write on many subjects from Sci/fi to Fantasy Fiction, from Horror to the Macabre. The aim is to always tell a rollicking good and hopefully entertaining story, no matter the subject matter. […]

To Turn For Loves Sake or A Dragons tail of love gained part 2 included.

To Turn For Loves Sake                                    A dragons tail of love gained By David Stevens      When I was young I flew up into the mountains to visit with the witch of the ancient tree, she who could foretell all and knew all and I hoped could and would help me. Let me explain. […]

The Future of Love. ( Sci/fi, Romance, time displacemet)

THE FUTURE OF LOVE. By David Stevens.   This is a Sci-Fi tale of time travel and love. I hope you enjoy it.                                                                                                                                    David Stevens.   THE FUTURE OF LOVE.      ‘Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents’. The book slammed down onto the bed clothes with a decisive slap, closely followed […]

The amulet a free short story

THE AMULET. By David Stevens.   This is a simple short tale with a strange flavor and a few surprises along the way. My apologies for any editing errors but as you will be aware my books benefit from a team of dedicated editors, these free short stories do not. Enjoy                                                                David Stevens. For […]