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This is an introduction in more detail to my latest books and also at the end a free Sci/fi  ish story, a twisted little sting in the tale short & just for fun.

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A little more detail.

Vampiric Retirement. By David Stevens :- A trilogy, a war, a battle for world supremacy and the domination of one race over the other. A war instigated by six elders, six creatures who have roamed the Earth alongside of mankind since the dawn of all life having commenced.



                                                                            The vampire war commences

By David Stevens


Vampires exist amongst the human population. They have not existed for three hundred years as depicted in stories and legends. They have lived secretly amongst humanity, constantly feeding off them, using them as a food source for thousands of years.

They are not an anomaly born of Vlad the Impaler, nor are they the progeny of Count Dracula, but an alternative creation brought into existence by nature as mankind also flourished. They filled a gap in the development of intelligent life on the planet, a divergent pathway from the evolution of mankind.

They cannot change humans to vampire by their bite that is a fallacy created by the minds of writers attempting to describe a story. They progress their nation by breeding much as their food source breeds, using those rare genetically matched few that are suitable as hosts.

The older they become the more powerful they are. The elders, the six original surviving creatures have roamed the world for eons untold, and as such are near perfect in their abilities, and evil beyond contemplation in their desires.

Sunlight is no barrier to the older vampires; it has little effect and does not kill them. The cross of God means nothing to them as most consider themselves almost Gods in their own right. Silver does kill them turning their bodies to burnt cinder; the story tellers got that right.

Why this story exists: In the seventeen hundreds, four of twenty new vampires fought against their natural tendency. As they aged and developed passing through the centuries growing stronger they learned and developed both in abilities and disgust at how their race had degenerated. They rebelled and so were born the first aid to mankind, creatures from a dark past brought into the light. The age of the vampiric protector was born.

Death followed until of the four there was only one. He decreed that the race as it was should end, but that entailed the destruction of the Elders, that the progenitors of the race, the oldest of them all to be consigned to history.

They decreed that he should join his rebellious comrades and so the battle for the lives and souls of all commenced. The hunts were instigated. The end of the human rule was instigated as the war between races moved forward from the shadows, into the light.

Other Titles Are :-

Coming Very Soon:


                                          A TRAINSPOTTER’S GUIDE TO OTHER  EARTHS.

An Introduction.


This might well be the 2nd strangest science fiction story you will ever read!

This is the life story of a geek from a small town, who accidentally discovers, he believes, that by holding his nose tightly, screwing up his eyes into tiny slits and blowing trapped air against his tightly closed nose. He could, if he got it just right, merge and blur the universe around him, just enough to be able to slip from one plane of existence into another.

He then discovered that the further he moved away from his start existence, the more time had split and different pathways had opened up within society.

Little did he realize that he has discovered nothing, that he was being sought and manoeuvred by an alien ‘She,’ to another place, there to become the saviour of a different world called Earth.

This is the story of his adventures, and the enlightening road down which his life meandered. This is the story of a dedicated Trainspotter who battles a despicable malignant horror that threatens all life and how he becomes an unknown hero to millions, whilst learning a thing or two about himself.

Now for your Free Story.

God Verses Gravity.

 By David Stevens.

It has been said before and it probably will be said again, but space as we know it is a huge place, filled with a multiplicity of spinning tumbling crashing and free floating objects, all whirling around and high above all of the planets of our solar system.

Now on it own this matters very little, unless of course one of these objects some how becomes hooked into a direction that will bring it into direct contact with a planets surface. Now again this still does not matter unless the planet intended to be collided with just happens to be the third rock from the Sun. That third celestial body, which is a quite cute blue and green planet; one with lots of unconcerned occupants living closely together on it surface.

Now to the rest of the planets flitting around the same sun let me make it clear, it matters as nothing, not one jot, but to that third little planet a collision with an object from deep dark space. An object travelling well beyond most of the occupants idea of quickly, is rather concerning. Mostly because in the past such impacts have been the precursor to many catastrophes, most of which the occupying population would prefer not to have to consider in their daily lives.

A few of the planet’s occupants have a strange fascination with those spinning, free tumbling, lost or undetected bodies floating around in space, so much so that they watch out for them and even try to count them. The number detected so far is rather large but most, if not all of them appear to be quite safe, as far as safe goes. That is all but one.

It is a huge five mile wide lump of rock and ice thrusting its way around the solar system apparently doing no harm to anyone or thing. The scientist have seen it, identified it, scanned and spectra-analysed it and they all agree it is going nowhere remotely concerning, but it will sweep close by the planet they call Earth and then zoom harmlessly back out into space. There to they state with confidence eventually to collide with the distant asteroid belt and so doing no appreciable harm to the planet Earth.

Most scientists and space experts are agreed about this, So certain are they that they do not even bother watching the object except occasionally as it approaches. They are more interested in seeing its great back side as it blasts past the Earth and away. Then they will be watching, only then in fact they will have every instrument they possess turned to watch that disappearing rogue. Until then they turn their attention back on the empty appearing darkness of deep space.

John William Round, Willie to his few friends, was a farmer, an apiarist, a milk lorry driver and a sometimes interested amateur astronomer. He had a six-inch telescope focused onto the huge rock that he had heard about on the internet, he could see it when there were no clouds, which in the midlands of England was not often. He watched for it despite his wife telling him that he would catch a cold, he being outside in the night air, despite it being mid-summertime. She deemed it best for her to be in bed tucked up comfortably beneath a lightweight duvet waiting for him to get bored and to come to bed. Sometimes it was well into the early hours of the morning when he finally accepted that she was right and that he was totally exhausted and did give in and go to his bed. His cold body climbing beneath the duvet was not overly welcome to his wife and mostly she turned over, rolled away from him and pretended to be asleep.

John William Round, had one other real and over riding interest, it centred around a shed he had hand-built from wood he had scavenged locally. Even the window was a second hand used double glazed unit without a frame, which he had found dumped in a hedge locally. His shed was hidden at the very edge of a parcel of land he had saved hard to purchase. His shed was his pride and joy along with his telescope, and as he got into bed beside his wife that early morning he did not know that his two passions would shortly become completely intertwined.

Sleep claimed him until the bed shook, the floor vibrated and he was rudely woken up from what might have been a damn good dream, if he remembered it correctly. He sleepily staggered across the bedroom drawing back the curtains and looking out. There was nothing to see and everything looked to him just as it should, he went back to bed and tried to get back into his dream; sadly he could not, because if he had, the rest of the next day might have been slightly better for him, but it was not to be.

Sleep eluded him until an hour before he had to get up and take his milk wagon out on his round. That day his and his wife’s life was changed in ways they could never have predicted, let alone accepted.

When John returned his land was under the control of the military, barbed wire fences covered the road blocking his way through. Troops with guns stood beside the wire turning everyone away, including him. He was more than annoyed and more than willing to investigate without them knowing that he could. He parked up in a pull- in and climbed out of his milk truck heading across the field towards his shed, which was where most of the commotion seemed to be taking place.

Earlier in the early morning and high in the dark of space, an asteroid turned slowly on its axis as expected and was watched half heartedly by scientist from all over the world. Those keen enough to look deeply at the twirling mass of rock began to see something that they did not expect to see. Behind the asteroid, hidden from sight until the turn was completed, and flipping along innocently whilst being dragged partially along by the larger mass, was a small slab of what appeared to be stone. When finally seen the object was only thirty-seven thousand miles from Earth and moving too fast to track because of its relatively small size.

Calculations done quickly mostly on the back of a shopping list by one observer indicated that it would not pass harmlessly into space as would the larger rock. It would not deviate from its course and so it would carry straight on towards the Earth, drawn in by the Earth’ gravity. Its angle of entry would be shallow, its drag coefficient low and so it would separate from the main meteor and head in on its own preordained path, thus according to the cool brains of the scientists, becoming an independent free falling but powered invader from space. The target was somewhere on Earth they would all guarantee, but the place it would hit or it was destined to make contact with they could not or would not say.

It would be later noted that certain scientists departed from their homes heading away from the midlands of England as did certain politicians, and there was amongst them one pronouncer of the future, but he was only heading to London to impart his doom and gloom message for all who chose to listen to it.

The wedge shaped leading edge of the asteroid (soon to become a meteorite) when  combined with the shallow entry angle, made it more like a workman’s scoop than a falling rock, as it ploughed through the upper atmosphere of the little blue planet. Glowing with a white hot fire raging across its flat belly and sharp wedge shaped edge, it ploughed into the ground skimming and bouncing, a stone casually tossed across the planets surface, more like a skimmer than a lump of stone. The plough edge tilted downwards as it slowed with each bouncing contact. Trees exploded as the skimming meteor raced onward decimating a narrow path across the centre of England.

On its third  hop the leading edge turned downward ploughing into the grass of a long valley, the stone-edge long hardened by heat and made of metals unknow, cut like a scythe as it travelled into and under the soft grass covered earth. It had dug a shallow trench for itself before lifting the grass surface as it tunnelled forward until it finally contacted a huge and immovable wall of ancient granite, which stretched onward for miles beneath ground level and eventually reared up to become the back-bone of England.

Then the explosion and energy it contained was diverted upward. The ground above it lifted many hundreds of feet into the air, the only object resting or placed on that twenty feet wide piece of ground was the home made shed of John William Round. It being a wooden structure there was very little left of it once it reached the apex of its flight to fall to the floor as nothing bigger than splinters. The rock had met and been stopped and the damage had been done without loss of life, though not without loss of sleep and one shed, and all that surrounded it.

The houses for miles around heard and also felt the impact, and so as it always is someone called the local police station, they had already received a report from a passing police car, one which had actually seen some of the impact and whose officers were screaming in panic on their radio at their headquarters. Acting efficiently the duty sergeant who took the call, called the army. They of course mobilised immediately, taking control of the situation and the field and then they waited, having formed a half ring from hedgerow to hedgerow and at a safe distance; they waited in anticipation for the arrival of the experts.

A helicopter brought two of them in, they were thin grey suited men with large round glasses, geeky looking with matching brief cases, and they also had lots of boxes with them which were being unloaded from the belly of the helicopter, much as might have been expected. They set up a variety of instruments and scanned the area for all sorts of emissions and found exactly none; what could be seen was a cloud of what might be gas or dust particles, hovering over the final point of impact, but that was seen by everyone present, so nothing new or startling was found in their assessment.

The military waited as the experts aimed a device at the cloud, which in apparent response gradually sank back to the floor creating a moving carpet on which no one wanted to walk.

From the cover of a hedge that backed onto the field John William Round looked out at where his shed should have been. He saw the cloud but it meant nothing to him, he saw the carpet moving and that too meant nothing to him; the shock of seeing his beloved shed shattered and gone, alone destroyed any smidgeon of common sense or self-preservation he had left in him. He rushed forward desperately, the cloud lifted from the ground as though he had disturbed it.

One scientist saw him burst out of cover and pointed at him. A soldier lifted his rifle and then realised where he was, shooting the public was not allowed even if they had invaded an area they were supposed to be being kept out of, not in central England at least. They, the gathered, watched as the cloud engulfed the man who had appeared from nowhere.

Tears filled John William Round’s eyes, flowing down his cheeks as he bent forward to look at the foundations that should have held his shed, but was instead nothing more than a huge hole into which he nearly fell. His shed was gone, the ground swirled, the air blackened and then agony exploded deep into his face. The pain of burning exploded into his flesh, the agony of it caused him to scream and raise his hands pushing his assailants deeper and closer in his cupped palms. The shock coupled with the toxicity eventually killed him, but it first drove him to the floor as his legs refused to answer his demands for them to run. He collapsed falling to his knees first, then curling up into a tight ball of arms legs and body, all in a desperate attempt to fend of the noxious agony he was suffering.

His screams could be heard by the troops surrounding the impact point. They could do nothing for the man dying before them. The scientists gasped, pointing in their horror, the captain in charge reached for his pistol but by the time he had drawn the weapon, cocked its hammer back and aimed it at the fallen man, the body had tumbled forward and vanished into the deep cavity left by the explosion.

John William Round had vanished from their sight as his last scream echoed upward driven by his despair, and also by his acceptance that he was to join his beloved shed and its surrounding Bee hives. He had died as a result of the Bee hives being thrust upward by the explosion and thus antagonising the Bees who had eventually swarmed and settled, that was until they were disturbed for a second time.

They reacted as any Bees would have, they defended what little was left of their hives, they attacked and killed the man that had tended them for so long and all without realisation or malice, only with a natural reaction to the situation in which they found themselves.

John William Round’s body was eventually retrieved and buried once the Bees had been contained into new hives and relocated. The meteor had never been recovered because it was nothing more that a fine dust scattered into the air. John’s wife looked down at the carved letters she had decided on for his epitaph, it had her pet name for him emblazoned across it, in love and memory. The service was over and the mourners had departed leaving only her.

The stone said.

John William Round


Rest in Peace my Honey Pot.

His wife sold the field and the new Bee hives, she never wanted to hear of them again. She kept the telescope and took up star-gazing, discovering for the first time the fascination her husband had kept to himself. She remained at their farm home once his insurance company had been dissuaded from trying to claim that his death was an ‘Act of God.’ It was as she always stated there after, an act of gravity rather than of God!

The End.


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