What the hell is going on…

What the hell is going on…


The world becomes a very strange place at times!


    To be serious for a short space of time, why the hell is it that man insists on killing, maiming and generally abusing man. The reason it seems to me is not religion or belief, but the seeking of power over others. The teacher educates for good or bad setting forth a belief that is always a call for power in some form or another, even if it is only over the vulnerable mind of the young or gullible.

   God is sited in every stupid war ever fought, both sides can’t be right, so logically god is very confused or neutral.  If he is either then why fight in the first place, what does it achieve but the subjection of others, an aim that can never be justified in anyway. The next time someone calls you to fight for god then consider this. Why the hell would god want me to fight, every major and most minor religions decree that killing is wrong and un-spiritual, therefore it can only be wrong to kill and maim and the person inciting such actions, be they politician, religious leader or just the Nutter down the street is also wrong, and hopes to gain by using you!


    If I was an alien looking at this world then I would have to wonder if mankind deserves such a pretty blue planet, after wondering I might have to make a decision. Take Gort. The Day the Earth Stood Still, (original version, big silver robot) he has the power to police the universe, and if he decrees that man poses a threat then he can eradicate it. Good bad or indifferent makes little option; I wonder what choice mankind would make faced with Gort and an ultimatum of change or expire! I would like to hope that sense would prevail and the Earth and its people would move forward as a unified peace filled world, but would it ?


Remember this reader:- Science Fiction swiftly becomes science fact. Take the digital watch and the computer and rocket ships to the moon and jet engine planes etc the list goes on and ask yourself:- So what about Gort?


                                                    May your God (s) go with you.

                                                                                          David Stevens.


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