An adventure continued…


   Having neatly avoided all the traps, that’s pot-holes, skateboarders and the like, whilst also watching the battery level indicator intensely the bank hove into sight.

   The cash machine appears, there are two of them at this bank, both are outside in the cold and rain, and as always the lower one for wheelchair users was out of order. This of course leaves me facing from a sitting position the normal height machine. I discovered then the difference between standing and sitting, you can not see the controls, the screen or what button to press. Now as it isn’t a good idea to ask the person behind you to push the buttons it leaves two options. One go away and remain pot-less, or two, try to leaver yourself up, such a valiant attempt will allow the chair user to see the buttons you need to press if they first release the seat belt, guess what! Then comes the point when you have to actually push them that the buttons of course.

    It sounds simple but once you lift your arm from the chair to reach out, everything vanishes; I am told that it is called gravity. So what to do once the pain generated by the sudden drop has passed slightly; reach up and guess seems to be the best option; after about six tries it finally accepted the pin number and four attempts later it divulged cash much to my amassment.

   What an adventure it had more challenges than canoeing the river Wye in a heavy flood and this simple expedition left me totally done in as well, but also having achieved the near impossible (sorry to the people waiting behind me by the way).

   So the next time you look at a cash machine, if you want to have a real adventure, forget Everest or even the Wye, just try squatting down and give it a try…


                                       May your God (s) go with you.

                                                       David Stevens


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