One day One experience. 


 The day started out perfectly, the wheelchair drove up the ramps into the back of the car and stayed exactly where it should, which makes a change. The trip to one of those coffee bars went perfectly if you ignore the insane actions of the worst example of a cyclists, that’s him riding the wrong way down the center of a one-way street and in a manner likely to get him killed quite quickly. A surgeon friend once suggested that their actions were all right, as he would have their kidneys later for transplant. I am not too sure of how serious he was, but it sounds likely to me. Oh to be young and believe one’s self to be invincible, let alone indestructible.

   The coffee was perfect; the day was nice, crisp and the snow on the way into town was white & even though it had vanished fast beneath the dull heat of the sun the closer the town loomed. The challenge once the snow was melted away was to get from there to the bank and back, which is a distance of say half a mile as the crow flies. Not much of a challenge I hear you saying but try it before you judge it.

    Well it started off ok but then the skate boarders charged wildly up the pedestrian way, randomly scattering the old and the young alike all pitched like nine pins across the walkway. They all survived apparently, though an old lady dropped her handbag diving into a shop door. As dives go it probably only rated a three for the dive, but it got a nine for the effort put in, and the fist shaking that followed was perfect a straight ten.

   The skate boarders moved out of the charging wheelchairs way, it is bigger and faR heavier than them and so they took avoiding action, which was all to the good as chair in collision with a skate board makes for spare kidneys. The bank appeared glowing with glee at all the money belonging to others that it houses, bankers always seem to me to be glowing with glee, I wonder why they should be so happy, what with the state of the worlds economies, never mind there are always bonuses to come, perhaps that’s the answer…

    Apparently we need banks and banker’s so they are untouchable no matter what; I often find myself wondering why if the worlds debt is causing so much trouble we don’t just get together and agree to forget it and start again. There is no reason to make a song and dance about it, perhaps a simple gathering, perhaps over coffee and biscuits, a brief chat and bang what debt what catastrophe all fixed. It should now take hundreds of years to screw the system up to anything like they say it currently is.

   I know that there are lots of arguments, lots of concerns, lots of not wanting to let go but… I don’t have a political axe to grind, but I hate stupidity and greed and both seem very evident in the world’s current crisis. I would also suggest that when a war is necessary then the leaders that want it should gather together and have it out. Something like the Olympic Games but with weapons; might I suggest a spoon each, preferably serving spoons, save on the cost don’t use silver. And of course it should be televised! Just think of the saving in men and weapons, no standing armies,  no mines and expensive smart bombs, just a couple of spoons! Think of what good the billions saved could do for everyone…Arr a romantic dreamer with delusions of world peace, I warned you not to take me to seriously… to be continued.


                                       May your God (s) go with you.

                                                       David Stevens


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