Thoughts from the Pen

Thoughts from the Pen.

   Geek boy (Twitter) thinks he has problems with computers, mine have a mind of their own and often decided that they want to do this, whilst I really want them to do that. Negotiation seldom works I have found, nor though does brute force, so a delicate application of the ‘Clarkson tool’ is called for, that’s a hammer to you and me. Though sadly all that resulted was a big crack down the center of the screen and a bill to get it fixed yet again.

   Well done to oxford for taking their little boat up that huge river first, though I was cheering for Cambridge, but then I would wouldn’t I.

   You will find me on Twitter at DS_books if you are insane enough to want to read more.

    WORLD NEWS: Exclusive… Its large, round, mostly blue with green in places and rotates in a dance with a glowing ball of light. The world is filled with a wild assortment of life in all of its forms. Over all it is not to bad a place to call home.

For more information see the media, google earth, Sir David Attenborough, and of course an atlas.

                                   May your God (s) go with you.




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