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What the hell is going on…

What the hell is going on…   The world becomes a very strange place at times!       To be serious for a short space of time, why the hell is it that man insists on killing, maiming and generally abusing man. The reason it seems to me is not religion or belief, but the […]

exiting from chaos with a good book. Avitar

Avitar (not the film) For those insane individual that follow my blog, free stories, twitter, books etc you will have noticed that I now have an avatar. Yes I have entered the twenty something century, I thought that you might like to see it in full just because it exists. The title of this image […]

An adventure continued…      Having neatly avoided all the traps, that’s pot-holes, skateboarders and the like, whilst also watching the battery level indicator intensely the bank hove into sight.    The cash machine appears, there are two of them at this bank, both are outside in the cold and rain, and as always the […]

 One day One experience.     The day started out perfectly, the wheelchair drove up the ramps into the back of the car and stayed exactly where it should, which makes a change. The trip to one of those coffee bars went perfectly if you ignore the insane actions of the worst example of a cyclists, […]

part 2 of an adventure by wheel chair

   A few thoughts on the internet: I most assuredly can not be described as being a hacker, unless it is with an axe in frustration with my computer. I am informed quite firmly that the said axe is not the tool required to make my internet connection function as I think it should. They, […]

Thoughts from the Pen

Thoughts from the Pen.    Geek boy (Twitter) thinks he has problems with computers, mine have a mind of their own and often decided that they want to do this, whilst I really want them to do that. Negotiation seldom works I have found, nor though does brute force, so a delicate application of the […]