The World at Large

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night, whichever seems the most appropriate to you currently where ever you are: or in other words welcome to my world.

Not that I own the world, I mean only that tiny space allocated by dint of existence that we are all granted from birth onwards. Existence is a strange thing, it fills the mind but at the same time is rarely thought of, except in those intense questioning forms such as, why am I here? Am I here, do I really exist and if so why? Funny they always roll around in a circle and some of us are lucky enough to find an answer to our questions, whilst others think to literally and so carry on asking and seeking answers.

   Consider this thought, the big bang started the existence of our galaxy off according to current scientific opinion, which I do not feel qualified to challenge. I know that religion offers another equally valid answer but I don’t intend to enter into that discussion. So back to the big bang, the real question is not did it happen or even when, the real mind twisting question is what the hell was it that was blown up and what was there before the bang happened.

   Now you are seeing the beginnings or why we writers write, with questions like these to explore what other choice do we have, I can tell you in the singular:- none! And in the wildly variable and highly complex world of the English language, I might go as far as to say :- None at all!


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