Second time around…


Welcome back…


   Well now you know if you read my biog that I am dyslexic, I can’t put pen to paper and make any sense (ask my English teachers); but as I said the computer was an aid I learned to use with some modification, and the spell checker is an amazing as a tool unless when the word you want to put in turns up in a long list and being dyslexic you can’t tell one from another. That is when the editor comes into their own and I have a number of insane volunteers (my Trolls see the pictures on twitter of them at work)) who wade through my books knocking dragging and generally pulling them into some sort of order that a publisher might find passable.

    There is I believe a way around almost anything if you look deep enough and have the desire to make it so, to quote the captain of the Enterprise ie ‘Make it so.’ (I am sorry I can’t point the finger as he does, in this my blog, so please imagine it, thank you). The trouble with a blog is that it needs to be kept updated, which those volunteers will come to curse me for sometime soon, so every time you read an update, please remember those dedicated helpful trolls, striving away locked in their cages or hidden under bridges to make the words make sense and all just for you.

   Books like ‘Transgressions’ to be published soon once it is re edited, take a hell of a long time to write and edit, and even I would admit that the original edit standard leaves room for improvement, but the story… Now mark my words, the story is… Well, just, Umm, can I blow my own trumpet I wonder? Yes in the case of Transgressions I can, as it is well deserving of such attention ie Worth it. The story is amazing, enlightening, even eye-opening at times and heart breaking at others. In that one’s case the writing took a number of years to complete.

   Now I don’t intend to bang on about books but they by there very nature they demand a little time on occasions, Transgressions is a very complex story about a very complex set of conditions, it is a tale of peoples lives and one not easily written about, the subject being romance love and the life and developments of a pre op Tran-sexual. 
There is also the Lifestone Chronicles (fantasy fiction) The Foundation Of A Kings Legend, also coming sometime soon. For now you will have to be satisfied with Vampiric Retirement, A vampire world war unleashed and a tale unlike any vampire story you have ever read, see twitter for links at DS_books. Also there is A Trainspotters Guide To Other Earths, A sci fi with the insanity of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, by the late Douglas Adams but with a style and a tale all of its own. Both of my currently published books are available all over the place, both have great reviews and are in both e book and hard copy, so why not take a look. The links can be found easily on twitter at DS_books

Anyway that is for another time, back to the blog.

   When I write I have a very special chair to sit in, in fact a lot of the time I am in that chair as it has wheels and moves me around, but it also has some interesting limitations. For instance those of you of a certain age and with an interest in Science Fiction might remember Davros the leader of the Dalek army. The Dalek’s are interesting to me because I understand the restrictions placed upon them quite well. Consider that for many years the simple way to escape from the Dalek’s was to run upstairs, not overly complex but it was their weakness, that is stairs I mean, not people running. They liked that sort of thing (people running and screaming) as they could chase after them shouting ridiculous threats, which stairs put an end to, or should have, though often did not. I might say, probably because the script writers realised how easily their most deadly creation could be avoided.

     You need to remember that these stories were broadcast back in the days when special effects had to be built and so were very limited; they involved cutting edge technologies like ‘Blue Tack’ and washing lines and plumbing equipment glued into place etc, rather than cgi and computers. So it is no wonder that the Dalek’s with their wheels could not climb the stairs, and believe me nothing has changed in the real world those with wheels rather than legs that work, still find their way blocked more often than not by a single step or a flight of the damned things.

   That leaves you trusting to lifts, a subject I might well come back to at a later date as they give me palpitations just thinking about them. Consider sitting in a chair in a crowded lift, what is at eye level to look at, now you know something of why they are so… Well you know.

   Stairs, the nemesis of those reliant on wheels, even Jeremy Clarkson has not managed to solve that one with a family saloon or estate car, though I would not put it past him and the Top Gear team to give it a go. So now you know that I like science fiction in all of its forms amongst other genres and so I write it.
  Well reader that is the opening of my first blog, I hope you enjoyed it and will return, if not please accept my apologies and may I wish you goodbye and a happy life, or as the late Dave Allen, who for those of you that are to young to remember him or to old to remember that you once watched him, let me remind you. He was one of those irreverent stand up comedians that preferred to sit down, back in the distant past of broadcasting, in the days when smoking on tv was still possible. He always said whenever he closed his tv program, and I would like to echo his farewell not necessarily as a tribute to him, but more as it seems to me to be a nice way to sign off that can not offend anyone, I hope.

                                   May your God go with you.



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