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Hello and welcome,


My name is David Stevens and this is the first time I have tapped a keyboard to blog and talk about those ‘really’ important things that land daily in your lap. For those of you that have already discovered my books or stories, both published and given away free I need little introduction. I presume and you will already have read my biog which just for fun I have included in this my first adventure that you experienced know it alls call blogging.

   My intent is to put forward an interesting, different read, which takes a light hearted approach in general, as serious stuff seems to be rather boring mostly, though essential at times as well.

   My intent is to update this outpouring when I can, and as I have restrictions upon what I can do at one anytime so that will be about weekly I hope. No I do not intend to talk about those restrictions yet or perhaps ever but who knows. Anyway time to start so here is my biog, just for those of you that have never read it, and might be interested in what pushes forward a writer of fiction forward, on a daily basis. Please note: Neither it, this or I should be taken too seriously, look at it more of having a laugh or taking a journey that you are invited to tag along with should you wish to. So sit back, relax, balance the lap-top on your knee and read on and most importantly enjoy.


A Biog


     Write a biog as an intro for a blog they say! Now there is a challenge. Stories books even articles are easy to do as they are held at a distance, admittedly short but still distant. A ‘biog,’ that is another thing altogether. Why anyone would want to read about the writer I can’t envisage, writers lives are really rather boring, it is the tales they tell that have such wonderful abilities. I am often told that fateful sentence, ‘I could be a writer’ or ‘I would like to write a book’. To these people I always say do it, write it, it does not matter whether it is a good book or a bad one, because it is your book, well it is until you contact a publisher, then that all changes.

   At roughly fourteen years of age I was carted off to Bangor for an excruciating length of in-depth testing, where they discovered that I was severely dyslexic and reasonably intelligent. The first was new to me, the latter something I had naturally known, but it did explain why I could not write. Then along came the computer and thanks to a good friend I acquired one, and that was the start of a long long road.

    Just to put things in place, let me point out that the computer in question was made by Amstrad and it had no, yes I said no, hard drive. In fact it used five and a quarter floppy disks and had the processing power of about 56 K. Now that sounds shocking these days but consider that 56K was about what N.A.S.A had when they put a man on the moon.

    Back to the biog. To my readers I would like to say that I hope you enjoy my work, because for me to say anything else would be a lie, as is clearly shown by the fact that I place my work out there amongst you, obviously I want it to be read, but more importantly to be entertaining for you the reader.

   The more you write the more you open yourself up for criticism, but also the more you learn and the better your writing becomes. Writers call this learning the ‘craft’ or developing it. In my case as with most, the more I developed the craft the better the stories construction became, so old stories are never as well constructed as new stories but the editing process improves with practice, that is one of the drawbacks to posting on the net, you are always stuck with the old stories. Those older stories will have a greater number of problems than the newer ones but it is not the style that matters but the content and of course the improvement.

     For those of you that just need to know more about your pet authors, consider that writing at any level is a serious commitment in both time and lifestyle. Books take a long time to develop; they are mostly created in the loneliness of an office or a chair. Sometimes, if you are very lucky they grow by a fire-side with a nice coffee and perhaps biscuits. You know, the nice oat ones or perhaps rich chocolate, but I digress.  More often than not they are written in the dark wee hours of the night and have little input from others during their actual writing. Therefore a writer must be able to be alone with them self and their characters and be dedicated to whatever tale they are creating at the time. Or as a friend of mine so succinctly put it ‘you need to be a touch mad.’

   As I said quite boring in reality, so instead may I suggest that you acquire a good book, hopefully one of mine and enter into the world the writer has created for you, and enjoy it.


All the best, David Stevens.



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